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Rhymes with 'easy.' My ongoing thoughts on culture, spirituality, and technology.

About this Web Log

I have been fascinated with blogging since it first sprang on the schene decades ago. I was an early adopter and enthusiastic reader of many blogs, and still am. I dipped my toe into commenting, and made a few tries at writing my own blog, but not much came of those efforts.

Looking back now, I see some of the roadblocks that I ran into. What is more, there seems to be a need for a renewal in blogging. Time will tell if this next effort of mine will go the way of my earlier tries, but in the mean time, I must thank my own sons for inspiring me with their own blogging efforts, which are much better than my earlier attempts, perhaps because I think they are all better men than I am.

I thought about some titles, but decided for an eponymous blog. It's a way of overcoming one of the roadblocks I have faced. This blog is dedicated first to God, to Whom I owe everything, and then to my sons, who have shown me the way.


A few years ago I worked for WP Engine, which is a high-end web hosting company focused on Wordpress. I think Wordpress is a great platform, but it seemed better to challenge myself with something different. So I am building this blog with next.js and publishing it with netlify.