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Information collected

TL;DR: This blog is intended to disseminate my (Ed Giese's) thoughts and to facilitate discussion of them. I do not put ads on the page, nor am I currently seeking any payment for my thoughts. All of the data that this site collects is for the purpose of monitoring how I'm doing (traffic, from where and how much, not personal details) and what is needed to offer comments and moderate them.

If you upload a document, it is stored only so long as is necessary to convert the document and is deleted immediately after your request is completed.

Information collected automatically

  • This site uses Google Analytics to track anonymous usage information. Your information may be subject to their third-party terms.
  • This site does not track information directly from anyone using it. It is hosted by netlify, which may do some tracking for their own purposes.
  • The comment system is provided by facebook, which has their own terms of service for their commenting system.

How I use the information that Google collects

Google analytics data provides traffic information that I use to judge how well my posts are doing and how many people are reading them. I cannot tell from the analytics information who is reading, just how many and approximately from where.

A note on security

I consider this blog a public forum, and anything I post here can be shared. I expect that anyone quoting the material will adhere to the copyright, and provide attribution.

This site is not intended for use by anyone under 13 years of age.