Ed Giese's Web Log

Thankful to Get Started

Posted on 2020-11-25 21:25:00 in Miscellaneous

I just started setting up this blog yesterday, and I've made good progress so far. There is some learning curve for me because Javascript is definitely not my strongest language right now, and there are some confusing concepts in next.js. Still, I finished working yesterday at noon and got a few hours in the evening to start a tutorial, and having finished that, I started polishing the code I wound up with.

The tutorial I used did not show the "recent posts" on the home page, but rather an index of them. (Imagine that: an index in index.js.) I strongly prefer the "latest posts." I also want an rss feed, which was not part of the tutorial, so I needed to learn how to do that. After fooling around with this, off and on, all day, I am in pretty good shape for the evening. Tomorrow I have to dive in and consider sorting by date, limiting post counts, and re-adding the "index" but this time for older posts.

God has been gracious, and things fell my way.